24-26 April, 2018
Swissotel Bremen, Bremen, Germany

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Agenda on Rotor Blades 2018

Join this focused knowledge exchange to:

  • Review XL blades load validation and wake models to simulate realistic conditions
  • Gain insights into prediction of aero-elastic tools, related measurements and accuracy of codes
  • Get the operators’ view on discuss blade damages and associated measures
  • Evaluate latest equipment and automated solutions to improve productivity and quality during manufacturing
  • Discuss alternative materials, composites and new material mixes to decrease weight and costs


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Interview with EUROS GmbH

Ulrike Kersten, Rotor Blade Design and Analysis expert at Euros GmbH, discusses in an interview why aero-elastic tailoring seems to be the next barrier for XXL blade design and what are the current challenges.


Capabilities of composite materials under fatigue loading

This presentation by EUROS's Alexander Krimmer discusses the design drivers of composite materials for wind turbine rotor blades, as well as material modelling, assessment, probability of damage and failure, and waves and fatigue life.

Investigation of the Validity of BEM for Simulation of Wind Turbines in Complex Load Cases, Comparison with Experiment and CFD

The Blade Element Momentum can provide sufficient good results in most general load cases. However, complex three dimensional flow phenomena which can occur during the operation of wind turbines cannot be captured by the basic BEM theory and have to be included by correction models for the specific phenomena. CFD methods can help to get a more complete picture of the aerodynamics even in complicated cases. Download the whitepaper for more information. 

New Advances in Blade Root Technology

Lennart Kuehlmeier of SSP Technology presents on new advances in blade root technology, a case study across 2- 5 MW platform.

The sector is currently experiencing a trend toward larger rotors suitable for lower wind classes, which inevitably leads to an increase in the load on the blade-root connection. Download the presentation to find out what the requirements are for the root connection of the near future, and how to avoid the high price tag by putting the cost where it adds value. 

Exploring the perspectives in aeroelastic tailoring of blades - DTU Presentation

Flemming Rasmussen, Head of Aerodynamic Design Section, Programme Manager Wind Turbine Technology, at the DTU Wind Energy, Denmark, presented at last year's conference "Advances on Rotor Blades" on "Exploring the perspectives in aeroelastic tailoring of blades". Read the full presentation to find out more.

EUROS GmbH: Rotor blade design against fatigue

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Krimmer, Head of Material Department at Euros GmbH, presented at last year's event on design approaches for fatigue resistant blades that increase turbine value and reduce costs.