Interactive Workshop Day | 5 April 2017

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Workshop A | Latest research on aeroelasticity

Ulrike Kersten, Rotor Blade Design and Analysis, Euros GmbH
Over the last years the development of rotor blades has led to larger, slender and softer, especially torsional softer blade designs. As a result, the coupling between bending and torsion has an increasing importance for design and related calculations. Additionally, the interaction with aerodynamic forces has to be intensively considered. But what are the challenges in so called "aeroelastic tailoring"?

Main topics that will be discussed:
  • Influence of aeroelastic tailoring on blade design (geometry, structure, ...)
  • Passive vs. active control devices
  • Verification during blade tests / in-field


Ulrike Kersten

Rotor Blade Design and Analysis
Euros GmbH

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM Workshop B | Experience from the field – how to use O&M data to increase rotor blade reliability

Georgios Pechlivanoglou, Technical Director, Smart Blade GmbH
Data exchange between operators and rotor blade developers is crucial to improve reliability. How can we increase a fruitful exchange to ensure that information from the field reach rotor blade design?

  • Park owner’s experience with blade damages and required solutions
  • Data exchange?
  • How to get the right data


Georgios Pechlivanoglou

Technical Director
Smart Blade GmbH

5:30 PM - 8:00 PM Workshop C | New developments in production tools and processes

Edo Kuipers, Blade Design (Lead), We4Ce B.V.
Increased blade length comes along with many challenges during blade production. How can we facilitate and speed up complicated production processes?
• Process reliability to improve blade quality
• Typical failures and consequences during operation
• How to overcome production failure
• Industrialisation of rotor blade production
• Fields of application for automation solutions
• Tools and plant engineering
• Concepts for integrating materials as quickly as possible
• One shot technology vs. conventional


Edo Kuipers

Blade Design (Lead)
We4Ce B.V.