Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines

Efficient ways to optimise the Coe throughout the blade lifetime

Rotor blades are decisive in the race for lower cost of energy, and the last years have witnessed drastic progress in structural design and manufacturing. While the industry is growing more and more mature, there is still room for innovation regarding new materials, load mitigation and standardisation of production processes.

Join this focused knowledge exchange and


Discuss alternative materials, composites and new material mixes to decrease weight and costs


Review XL blades and related challenges for design and production


Explore efficient ways to optimise your structural design and aerodynamics to increase blade performance


Get the operators’ view on blade damages and discuss related challenges for design, materials and reliability


Evaluate tools and processes to exploit the potential for improving and streamlining blade production

In this IQPC networking event expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions.

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